At YourPressure, we want to increase our chances of living longer healthier lives. And we want the same for you too. That’s why we’re doing what we’re doing. We figure that by helping our users to live longer healthier lives, we’ll be building something useful.


Most people already know about the top three lifestyle factors that can lead to a longer and healthier life. These are smoking, diet, and weight. What they don’t know so much about is the fourth one.

The fourth biggest lifestyle factor that you can modify to reduce your risk of becoming ill or dying prematurely is your blood pressure. High blood pressure is linked to strokes, heart disease, some forms of dementia, kidney disease, and even some forms of blindness. Most of these diseases are linked with a risk of dying prematurely.

However, it’s not all doom and gloom. High blood pressure is easily fixed. By measuring your blood pressure at home, and encouraging your loved ones to do the same, you can get a good and accurate reading. Once you do that, it is easy to get it treated. The even better news is that many of the problems that people have with blood pressure medications can be reduced by monitoring blood pressure at home.

Don’t get us wrong. At YourPressure we feel that lifestyle changes are *very* important. However, we are all human, and for most people, lifestyle changes alone are not enough. Most people need to take some form of medication as well to control their blood pressure. But by monitoring things at home, and being in control, you can reduce the amount of medication that is needed. This means a lower chance of getting any side effects.

We believe that home blood pressure monitoring is the way forward. It saves the NHS money. It saves you time. It helps you to live a longer healthier life. What’s not to like?

Live well. Live longer. YourPressure

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