There’s a problem with blood pressure.

The problem is that there’s a difference between how blood pressure is seen by the medical profession and their patients.

Amongst the medical profession, the belief is that not enough people are diagnosed with high blood pressure, and those that are, are being mostly undertreated.

Amongst patients, the majority don’t feel very strongly about blood pressure one way or another. However, the minority who do have a problem, have a view that is in complete opposition to the prevailing medical culture. They feel that blood pressure is being over-diagnosed, and over-treated, and it’s leading to unnecessary distress and side effects.

happy senior woman at homeAnd they’re right.

Let me explain. When we first started doing this, we chose blood pressure because we viewed it as a “simple” problem. How naiive we were…

We thought that if we could just make it easy for people like you to measure your blood pressure and then get feedback, then people would want to do it, because lowering your blood pressure helps you to live a longer, healthier life.

However when we started speaking to patients we realised that in many cases, you felt that you weren’t being listened to.

Often your blood pressure was being measured in a rushed fashion. This meant that you were being put on medication that you didn’t need. Because you were being put on medication that you didn’t need, it was more likely to be causing you side effects. Because you were getting side effects you were feeling awful and anxious.
This is an inevitable consequence of having your blood pressure measured in a busy GP surgery or clinic. Taking an accurate blood pressure measurement takes about ten minutes. When resources are being stretched, it’s no wonder that it gets rushed.

At YourPressure, we think that there’s a simple solution to this. Get you, the people who are most interested in getting an accurate measurement, to take your own measurement. Give you coaching as to how to get an accurate measurement at home. Then give you the information that you need to have an informed discussion with your nurse or GP about your blood pressure treatment.

Please contact us if you would like to use our service.

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