This is a great question for us at Traditionally measuring your blood pressure has always been done at the hospital or GP surgery or some other clinical setting. However since the invention of automatic blood pressure monitoring machines, it’s now no longer necessary to have your blood pressure checked by a doctor or nurse.

BP monitor

The best measure of your blood pressure is to be strapped to a portable blood pressure monitoring machine. This then measures your blood pressure every 15 minutes over the next 24 hours. When we average these readings, this gives you a very accurate measure of your blood pressure.

What this has shown us is that when we compare this very accurate way of measuring blood pressure to measurements taken in hospitals or GP surgeries, people tend to get higher measurements at the GP or in outpatient clinics. This means that when we take your blood pressure at the surgery, we get an artificially high reading.

The good news is that there’s an alternative that’s almost as accurate as the 24 hour machine. That alternative is using an automatic blood pressure machine in your home. These can be bought for as little as £10. Measuring your blood pressure at home and then taking an average of the readings gives a very accurate measurement of your blood pressure. As a bonus, there’s none of the stress and hassle of having to go the GP surgery.

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