This is another great question. As doctors we tend to assume that people understand why lowering their blood pressure is good for them. As the saying goes, when we assume, we make an “ass” out of u and me…


Your blood pressure is a guide to the amount of work your circulation is having to do to pump blood around your body. By your circulation I mean your heart and blood vessels including the veins, capillaries and arteries. The higher the pressure, the more work your heart is having to do. At the same time, the higher the pressure, the greater the stress on the blood vessels.

If your heart is having to work harder, in simple terms, it is more likely to wear out sooner. The same goes for your blood vessels. The process by which they wear out is complicated, but that is the gist of it.

Whatever your blood pressure is, if we lower it, we reduce the amount of work that your heart and circulation has to do. This means that on average, the heart and circulation of someone with lower blood pressure, will last longer than someone with higher blood pressure.

So if you want to increase your chances of living longer, and having a healthier life whilst you do so, lowering your blood pressure is a good thing to do.

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