Reduce prescribing costs and appointment demand by eradicating over-treatment of hypertensive patients.

Blood pressure measurement is often rushed due to time pressures in clinics or busy lives at home. This can lead to high readings.

Problem solved. The YourPressure mobile app coaches people to take an accurate set of home blood pressure readings in line with guidelines from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE).

What are the benefits of deploying YourPressure?

  • Most users’ blood pressure is lower than previously measured at clinic or at home.
  • Most lower measurements are below QoF and NICE targets.
  • A significant number of people find they can reduce their hypertensive medication.
  • Users suffer fewer side-effects as they are not over-treated.
  • Prescribing costs drop and demand for appointments is reduced.
  • Users find it more convenient than going to a clinic.

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About us

We are Colin Coulthard and Richard Thomas, two experienced UK GPs who trained in the East Midlands. We have been managing patients’ blood pressure online for 18 months and are confident that empowering patients to manage it at home brings many benefits.

We believe that the best way forward for primary care and the wider NHS is to strive for quality through co-production and continuous improvement. We follow the Berwick Report’s definition of quality which is safety first and foremost, effectiveness follows safety, and patient experience follows effectiveness.


In addition to YourPressure, we are the founders of itamus. Visit our website where you can see examples of other problems we have solved and try out our solutions.